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Why Consign?

Do you have quality home furnishings that you're ready to move along? 

There are several reasons you may choose consignment as your best option for doing so:

  • You inherited an estate and don't want to have a full-on estate sale but rather sell a few quality items

  • You're moving or downsizing and have quality furniture or home goods you don't want to just donate

  • You want to avoid the hassles of garage sales or online selling to strangers

  • You're ready to redecorate. The extra cash would be great to help fund your new or new-to-you home design goals.

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About Consigning With Furnish Traders

Each consignor is asked to sign a 120-day consignment contract. The general terms are fifty percent (50%) of the sale price goes to the consignor. 

Our staff determines the retail price on all consigned merchandise. In submitting our consignment intake form with your item(s), you are able to provide any details you believe would help in pricing.  It is in everyone's best interest for items to be priced at a fair market value that would allow items to realistically sell within the first 30 days of the consignment period.

Our price incentive guidelines for each 30-day interval of the consignment period are as follows:

  • First 30 days: Listed at full (initial) price

  • Days 31 - 60: Listed at 90% of initial price

  • Days 61 - 90: Listed at 85% of initial price

  • Days 91 - 120: Listed at 75% of initial price

Consignors have seven (7) calendar days from the last day of the 120-day consignment period to pick up any unsold items.  

Consignors are able to track the status of their consignments online 24/7 by logging in to their consignor account online HERE.

Furnish Traders accepts consignments on Tuesdays & Thursdays during business hours. If those days do not work for your schedule, please contact us to make an appointment.  Large furniture must be pre-approved by us prior to arrival. Please email a photo of furniture items for review to

Please bring along help to unload or load your items.

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What Consignments Are Accepted?

All items must be CLEAN, odor-free and in good condition.  Any items with missing parts, chipped, cracked or broken condition will not be accepted. We may not accept items that have been housed in a smoking or pet environment. 

We reserve the right to refuse any item due to condition, current inventory levels or past experience. If you are unsure your item is acceptable, you may email pictures and descriptions to for our review.  

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Items we accept include:

  • Quality furniture and decor that is "in style" or "in demand"

  • Retro/Vintage

  • New items

  • Unique and unusual items

  • Lamps (with shades)

  • Hanging lights / sconces / chandeliers

  • Bed frames and headboards

  • Select glassware

  • Quality rugs, well-cleaned

  • Quality outdoor furniture and accents

  • Select vinyl LP records
    (1950s - current)

  • Live, healthy potted plants

  • Work from featured Wisconsin artists. Go to our Artist Consignors page to read more below about becoming a featured artist.

What We Don't Accept

  • Appliances / electronics

  • Clothing

  • Books

  • Common dishes

  • Large collections (china sets, figurines)

  • Crystal

  • Television armoires

  • Crafts

  • Baby furnishings

  • Particle board furniture (some exceptions)

  • Mattresses / futons

  • Rocking chairs

Ready To Consign?

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  1. Email a picture of any large furniture pieces. If you have a large furniture piece(s) or are unsure if your items are acceptable for consignment, please email pictures to so we can respond back to you with pre-approval prior to your drop-off at the shop.

  2. Fill out our General Consignment Intake Form. On the form, you'll list the items you wish to consign. We either need this intake form completed and emailed to us in advance of your bringing your items to the shop, or you may fill one out when you stop in to consign.

  3. Bring your items to the shop. We accept consignments on Tuesdays or Thursdays during normal business hours . If those days or times don't work for you, please call/email to make an appointment with us and we'll do our best to accommodate.

    Please bring along help to unload or load your items. Remember to contact us for pre-approval on all large items. Need moving assistance to or from the shop? Please contact us for a mover referral.

Important note:  Please have your items CLEAN, with no missing parts, in working order and as floor-ready as possible prior to bringing them to the shop.  Ensure upholstery and rugs are well-cleaned and odor-free. Please check for stains, rips, tears, big dings and scratches on your items. 

4. We'll review your items at the shop. We'll review your items on the spot for acceptance.  Once your items are approved, we'll give you our consignor contract to review and sign and we'll complete the intake of your consignments. 

5.  Track your consignments online 24/7. Upon receipt of your approved consignor contract, we'll have your consignments entered in our online system within  1-2 business days.  You'll receive personalized login information for your online consignor account so you can conveniently track the status of your consignments at any time.

6.  Pick up your check. Once your item sells, your check will be available for pick up at the shop beginning the 10th day of the month following the month in which your item sold.  (Example:  Your item sold Sept. 1 - Sept. 30, so your check would be ready on Oct. 10th).  Please provide a self-addressed stamped envelope if you would like your check mailed.


Email now or call during store hours: (262) 457-2457