Assorted FiestaWare.

Pricing below:

Small Bowls: 15.29 (SOLD)
Medium Bowls: 11.99/14.24
Large Bowl: 17.99
Vegetable Bowl: 24.99 (SOLD)
Gusto Bowls: 14.99
Chowder Bowls: 14.99
Bouillon Bowls: 13.49
Fruit Bowls: 12.74

Dinner Plates: 10.37/12.74
Luncheon Plates: 11.99
Salad Plates: 9.62/11.24/12.14
Smiley Face Plate: 14.24
Saucers: 8.99

Individual Casserole Dish: 14.99
2pc Covered Casserole Dish: 34.99 (SOLD)
Butter Dish: 18.74(SOLD)/25.19 (SOLD)

Note: Take an additional 10% off the current price if you purchase (4) or more in one sale of the following:

Plates: Dinner, Luncheon, Salad
Bowls: Gusto, Chowder, Small, Medium, Bouillon, Fruit

You can mix and match the above/purchase in any combination of (4)!


Vintage Relish Tray: 164.99 (SOLD)
Baking/Pizza Tray: 17.99
Bread Tray: 19.79 (SOLD)
Oval Platter: 18.74
Round Cake Platter: 23.99

HLCCA Salt & Pepper: 29.74 (SOLD)
Salt & Pepper: 15.74 (SOLD)

Coffee Server: 99.99 (SOLD)
Tumblers: 11.99 (SOLD)
Jumbo Coffee/Soup Mug: 11.99

Trivet/Hot Plate: 16.57
Millenium III Vase: 35.99
Spoon Rest: 17.09 (SOLD)

4pc Ladybug Set: 87.74

30pc/6 Place Setting Set (Paprika): 149.39
Each place setting includes: Dinner Plate, Salad Plate, Bowl, Cup, and Saucer

Cup and Saucer Set: 13.49 (6 sets available)